About this site

Here is a little explanation about why site is here, what it’s for and what it’s not for.

Why is this site here?

Ever since I was young I have always been extremely fascinated with old/present/new technology in all forms but especially in computer systems. This fascination has always caused me to investigate and experiment with whatever I can get my hands on. Over time this hobby has become a profession and while familiarity turns into experience the opposite is also true. To solve this problem I have decided to document those tasks where I know I will forget and have to rediscover solutions.

Rather than do this in a private library I figured why not make it public.

What will be posted on this site?

This site will contain complete step-by-step guides on how to approach very specific projects/problems in the exact manner that I found worked best. The instructions will be very verbose and completely repeatable as long as all variables remain the same (and all variables will be defined). In addition I will always attempt to

  • Include full downloadable copies of all programs, materials, etc (as well as link to the original site)
  • Redo the work for each post I put up (if I am not in the midst of it already) because otherwise I would likely miss some important points
  • Keep to a standard format that will be easy to follow

What will not be found on this site?

I do not intend to create a redundant library of tutorials. Anything that I post on here will be because I was pulling my hair out unable to find a cohesive solution already online. I will post links where I found useful information but chances are if there is an article up here at the time I wrote it an alternative tutorial was difficult to find or spread across several places.

Additionally I do not intend to spend much time on the following

  • Basic I.T. stuff (I will link to them on occasion, but no inventing the universe here)
  • Help forums, requests etc (all of this is done in my free time, if you have a question about the article content by all means!)